26 November 2009

Two Sides with Chain

This long necklace will turn many many heads! Who can resist not to look at four boldly decorated lampwork glass tiles and the blings of Swarovski crystals that are as big as 8 mm?

The artisan tile beads are similar to those used in the other Two Sides pieces (bracelet and necklace) and it took me almost a year to finally come up with another idea to work with them. Since they came from the same strand, the colors are pretty much similar: violet, bluish purple tanzanite, yellow lime, green light olivine. It’s really a fresh color combination that may brighten one’s day especially in the dull cold winter!

22 November 2009

Scent of Fuchsia

Puffy, glossy, shiny, big, eye-catching… What else can I say about these polymer clay pillows? They’re stunners! Their presence is bold enough to make this necklace a heart-winning piece.

Originally the pillow beads were beautifully strung in a bracelet. They were paired with Swarovski crystal bicones and rondelles for sparkles and Bali silver elements to accentuate.

The bracelet was unique in its own right. Only later I felt that the floral pillows were a little too big for wrist of my size. It would be perfect for someone with a bigger wrist but then the length of the bracelet would be a little short for her. Either way the bracelet was no good. So I dismantled its parts and turned them into a necklace. I kept the colors similar to those of the bracelet as I loved how they combined together. If you look closely at the necklace photo, I only changed the types of amber-colored crystals and metal findings and added one more pillow bead and a few sparkles on the middle part. And to give the necklace a bit more character, I linked up the short parts of rolo chain with split rings. A little extra work? Yes, but it was worth doing!

20 October 2009

Publication: Earth Dance

I’ve been busy for the last two months doing all kids-and-family-related stuff and, of course, making some new jewelry designs. Unfortunately, I can’t show them to you right now as they aren’t yet photographed. Nevertheless, I have another good thing to share: my work in Stringing magazine!

This "Earth Dance" bracelet appears on page 61 of the Fall 2009 issue of Stringing.

It is composed of Jennifer Jennings’ flirty ruffle glass discs that captured my heart from the very first moment. The wavy shape brings a sense of motion and in particular, the dark ivory-colored discs have chocolate swirl on them. I thought these were interesting elements and should be featured in my work. So I lined them up in slight different sizes and interspersed them with sparkling Swarovski bicones. If normally I use sterling silver in my work, this time I accented the bracelet with copper findings which appear to blend nicely with the fall color palette of the ruffle discs.

01 August 2009

Show me PEARLS! (2)

It seems the pearl bug has got into me!

This is another freshwater pearl necklace I’ve made within past months along with Mermaid’s Glow and Pearly Spell. How did I start the design?

The creamy white pearls used for this necklace are of fantastic quality. Round, smooth, lustrous, thick-nacred. Simply adorable! But the inspiration actually came from the sculptural flower focal. The combination of delicate petals and vibrant colors in sunny orange, white and red made the flower more interesting to look at and a one-of-a-kind item. So I recreated the Around the Green style which I felt best to present its charm and the loveliness of the pearls. I added tiny faceted carnelian rondelles and a pair of Bali flower spacers to give interspace between them. And to complete the design, I used Swarovski bicones and flower sterling toggle. Done! The finished piece is so loveable. It's elegant yet classy for any occasion.

29 July 2009

Show me PEARLS!

Next to Swarovski crystals and artisan lampwork beads, I have a special love for… pearls! Yes, pearls!!

These naturally-colored creamy peach keishi pearls are beauties to die for! They are thick-nacred, lustrous and have smooth surface for the most part. I love them so much and couldn’t think of a better idea than bringing them into spotlight of everyone’s sight as they deserve it. To make most of their fabulous appearance, I used up almost the entire pearl strand (there was only one pearl left as the wire didn’t go through its tiny holes) but alas the length was a little too short for a necklace considering the size and type of the pearls. So I added a few Swarovski crystals in silk color to reach a desired length and a small set of floral lampwork beads for extra visual interest to the design and voila! There are two ways to show off the pearls. When it’s worn like shown in the photo, you’ll get the look of timeless elegance. When it’s worn with the clasp on the chest, you’ll get the elegance style with additional sparkles and modern feel. Curious? Click here to see what I just described.

I’ve used similar type of pearls for another necklace displaying beauty of elegance and glamour. The design aims to feature the luminous purplish-pinkish tone (and a little bit of creamy peach too) of the keishis so I set them in the middle between variety of Swarovski crystals in coordinating colors. The result is like this.

22 June 2009

I Go Light

In one of my earlier posts I wrote that I’d use more polymer clay beads in my work and here’s one!

Look at this super cool colorful floral round! Isn’t it adorable? I love everything that appears from this awesome polymer clay bead. I love the cute flower patterns, the fabulous mix of colors, the bicolor bumpy spots around the edge and the smooth shiny finish. The quality of work is amazing and what’s more is that it brings smile and happy feeling whenever I see it.

Once in a while I’d like to branch out from my usual style and this time I'd go light with my designs. So that’s what I did with this bead. I made it as a pendant that has a flirty chain tail with colorful drops of Swarovski crystals and a Bali silver flower dangle at the bottom. The pendant is hung on a black-colored cord with adjustable clasp. I couldn’t feel more than pleased to see the result. Yes, it’s a pretty simple style and it would be a perfect adornment when worn with casual clothing. Believe me!

I’ve made another similar cord necklace featuring a lampwork glass focal by UK-based artist Jeanette Fletcher. You can see it in here.

16 June 2009

Publication: Stringing, Summer 2009

It’s official now!

This Let’s Play Rugby set is published in the summer 2009 issue of Stringing which hits newsstands today. It’s the third time for me to have my projects published in print and the first in an American magazine. The other two projects appeared in a British magazine Bead.

The set features the fabulous glass work of German artist Ute Neumann. To me the lampwork beads mimic the shape of rugby balls and the colors are bright and bold making them perfect for summer. I genuinenly love them!

14 June 2009

Blue Sparkles

This aqua blue necklace is stunning! It's made of several different colors, types and sizes of Swarovski crystals.

This piece is simple, light and sophisticated, and sparkling too. It goes nicely with dresses, blouses or even a shirt and blue jeans. It can also be worn short or long as it has additional chain for adjustable sizing. I personally love the look of this necklace and the idea of flexible wear. And I’m sure the person with this beauty around her neck would feel like a star of the moment.

Go to my Flickr page to see the necklace from higher side.

07 June 2009

Wavy Petals

Do you see the biggest glass disc on this necklace pendant? It’s metallic blue and I really like it. The color changes in different lights from dark blue to violet to coppery gold. Awesome!

So badly I wanted to feature the metallic sheen in my jewelry, I decided to make a pendant comprising several wavy discs in different colors including metallic ones. There are metallic blue, transparent red and opaque green as shown in this photo. The other side of the pendant have metallic brown that looks a bit pinkish, transparent red and opaque pink and they all can be seen in here.

20 May 2009

Floral Beauty

I love the colors in these lampwork lentils: white, pinkish peach, purple and green. The flower motif is simple but the color combination is fresh and inspiring making it perfect color sample for Spring!

I just realized that I’ve collected more lampwork beads with floral pattern than ever before. They’re all interesting and I think they deserve to get some attention. That’s why I made a simple design for this earring pair just to make sure all eyes focus on the white floral lentils.

Click here to see another earring design highlighting the beauty of floral lampwork beads.

16 May 2009

Beads Perles Interview

About a month ago I was approached by Beads Perles for interview and here's the result.

Beads Perles is a Spanish language blog that features artists who devote themselves to creating jewelry and I'm pleased for the opportunity to be featured in it.

15 May 2009

Spring Mood

I’m in the mood to make earrings and this time I’ve created a few with polymer clay beads.

A while ago I bought several polymer clay bead sets from various artists and for these projects, I used deep purple rounds from Sherri Kellberg and colorful lentils made by Carola. Both have flower pattern, spring-theme colors and are unique in their own right. But wait! There’s more. Sherri told me that the beads have dichroic accents that make them look spakling like a rainbow. Can you see it?

Oh yes, it’s not the first time for me to use polymer clay beads in my designs and I think I should use them more often. The reasons? They have similar features like lampwork beads: variety of designs, shapes, colors and sizes. They can also be made glossy/shiny to resemble glass beads. But most importantly to note is that they’re lightweight. Having them many – say more than three - in a bracelet or necklace won’t hurt the arm or neck of the person who wears it. That sounds good to me, so why not trying to make more designs with them?

07 May 2009


Look at the colorful bicone dangles in the middle part of this necklace. When they’re strung like that, aren’t they like a barrel?

This necklace is simple in design. It’s only made up with Swarovski crystals, Bali silver findings and sterling silver chains. It rests nicely around the neck when worn shorter or longer. It also goes well from formal business suits to plain dresses to casual polo shirts with denim skirt or pants. But actually it’s more than a simple design. It’s a piece of conversation starter. Read on.

Besides the barrel shape I noticed by accident, this necklace has all the essential elements that would draw attention. Firstly and foremost is of course the sparkles of Swarovski crystals that won’t be missed from anyone’s sight. Secondly, their shapes and sizes are big enough to get noticed. Thirdly, the constrasting colors between the clear moonlight flat rounds and the colorful bicone dangles are so evident. These Swarovski features alone would be interesting topics to start a conversation. And to keep the conversation going, I linked the crystal strand with oval-like sterling silver chains and completed one end of the chains with a sterling silver balloon clasp and the other end a group of colorful dangles. With these little details added, this necklace (and the person who wears it) would earn even more compliments.

See also this necklace from different angle in here.

24 April 2009

German Lampwork Beads

I adore lampwork glass beads. They please my eyes and entertain my soul. They can be my inspirations when I need fresh design ideas; momentarily take the pressure away when I’m on a tight deadline to finish a project; bring me smile anytime during my hectic hours of the day or when I’m in a gloomy mood; and of course make me feel good when I wear them.

Since I live in Germany, a country where one of reputable glass material brandnames Lauscha is produced, I’ve googled to find lampwork beads made by local artists. Among many German lampwork bead makers I've spotted, I’am fascinated with the artisan works of Anja Basan of Anastasia Beads, Melanie Moertel and Manuela Wutschke. They have their own way to interpret objects found in life and present them in miniature works of art. I’m always in awe to see their endless creativity like, for examples, how Anja potrays seasons and underwater life in her glass focals and bead sets. They’re oh so magnificent! I sometimes wonder how Melanie could come up with unique elephants and fairy characters in her glass work. They’re truly original ideas. I also have no clue how many hours Ms. Manuela spends to create a delicate bird in a small-sized glass space but for sure she must have done it patiently and meticulously.

The facts that their beads are one of a kind and become collectible items make them highly priced in ebay auctions. I’m no longer surprised if bidders don’t mind paying more than one hundred US dollars (or even a thousand dollars!) for a single set as they’ll get beautiful jewels that they can treasure in many years to come.

Click here to see the artists’ websites:

18 April 2009

Sunny Rose

I’m very happy with this year’s spring. We’ve had beautiful weather for the past two weeks. Sometimes cold, sometimes windy, but most of the time warm and sunny. I just hope the weather will get warmer and warmer until summer so that I can take the kids out more often to enjoy sunny days.

Speaking of sunny days, I guess it’s very clear why this necklace is called Sunny Rose. Look at the colors of the sculptural lampwork flower focal: vivid opaque yellow of the petals, transparent green leaves and a mix of bright blue, dark blue, bright yellow of the stamen. Oh, wait here! Blue color for the stamen?

Anyway, initially I wanted to have the crystals in several different colors to complement the focal but then I was never satisfied with the results, so eventually I decided to play safe by using only a single color of Swarovski dark sapphire with a few bright-colored accents. When the necklace was finished, I kept saying "oh, ah" to myself as I didn't expect to see the effect of the color combination I'd made. The contrast between dark blue of the crystals and bright sunny yellow of the flower focal was so striking that would no doubt make people’s head turn. Trust me!

16 April 2009

Colors in Life

Crystal clear white
Light yellow
Light purple
Light pink
Light blue
Light brown
Earthy green

They’re basically colors that one can find in real life. That’s why I named this custom-ordered necklace Colors in Life although my husband who processed the picture for my Flickr gallery preferred the British version ‘Colours’. Go ahead, check this name in
my Flickr!

Now about the materials. Besides the small and little bigger crystal bicones, there are more than 30 Swarovski crystal drops lining up on the front side of the necklace. They’re colorful and of course sparkling, and I’m quite sure that they won’t be missed by every eye. For additional visual interest, I used a cute sterling silver dolphin clasp and elliptical chain with extra little dangles on the back part of the necklace to complete the design.

Whether to see the necklace from the front or back side of the wearer's body, it would look equally interesting. Definitely a piece of attention getter!

08 April 2009

Hibiscus Delight

I usually keep one lampwork bead that I like best from particular bead sets for myself. I like to marvel at the bead’s patterns, colors, details or I may have a personal feeling attached to it – just to name a few of the reasons. And every now and then I let one bead or two go from my lampwork bead collection. Why? I have found equally beautiful materials to match with that bead and therefore it’s time to share it with everyone else. Like the Hibiscus Delight bracelet below.

It began with the potato-shaped creamy white freshwater pearls I used in Pure Bliss set not long ago. I felt the pearls were truly gorgeous which led me to think up of a design for other pinkish potato and tiny white keishi pearls I had in my bead bowl. It was right after a sudden urge to check my lampwork bead box I knew I should pair them with one of my favorites: the hibiscus lentil made by German artist Andrea Venschott. I love this bead’s play of colors. Pinkish peach hibiscus with vivid yellow stamen… green leaves with delicate brownish stripes… two little white flowers with a single pale pink dot in the middle… altogether they really pop against amethyst/purple background. Very interesting!

I think all these little beauties (freshwater pearls and hibiscus lampwork bead) deserve equal attention from anyone who sees them and so this time, I strung them with less Swarovski crystals and extra Bali silver daisy spacers. The outcome? A simple yet elegant piece without loosing its crystal bling!

Click here to see the full picture of the bracelet.

27 March 2009

The Goldie Look

Goldie theme seems to be everyone's favorite! It has a simple appearance with just enough portion of glamour and bling.

Originally I wanted to highlight the 24K gold-foiled Italian (Murano) glass beads in a lighter design without using many crystals (as I normally do in most of my work) and the bad part was that I didn't really know how to achieve it. It was after a few back-and-forth browsing of jewelry related books, the idea finally popped in my head. The result was the first Goldie necklace in which the Italian beads were paired with deep blue and bright red Swarovski crystals on bright gold-colored wires.

Early this year I had a custom order for Goldie necklace and earrings set and I simplified the necklace design by reducing the number of crystals. I also opted bright blue and green for the colors of the crystals. The resulting piece filled my expectation well. It still retained the substantial presence of gold shine and crystal sparkle.

And recently I completed another request for Goldie necklace. The design was based on Goldie 2 and the colors followed Goldie 1. In other words, Goldie 3 was a combination of two earlier designs.

Having made three similar necklaces, I don't think I'll get tired of making more of this Goldie line. It's fun to make and surely a beautiful piece.

23 March 2009

Fairy Rose

Naming a piece of work is not an easy task and it proves right for me. There are times I can create appropriate names with ease; other times I can go completely dumb!

This time I can't find any better name than Fairy Rose bracelet. Looking at the pastel colors of the artisan lampwork focal, they are a mix of pink, peach, white and green with a hint of yellow reminding me of colors in fairy movies, princess stories or even girly princess dresses. A name that relates to one of these features would be fine I thought and right after I completed the bracelet, I knew what to name it.

It's officially spring time in here and this bracelet is one of the designs I've made recently to welcome the warmer season. It has feminine look with the scuptural rose that really pops against the soft-colored background and the flirtly dangles that move joyfully on one's wrist. Simply beautiful!

17 March 2009

Pure Bliss

What a joy to be able to hold and marvel at fine beautiful freshwater pearls!

I was very pleased when my pearl order from one of Asian countries arrived. The pearls were roundish (potato shape) in creamy white color and all had smooth surface (no pits, no bumpy spots, no scratch), uniform size and thick nacre. Simply perfect! And this Pure Bliss set was the result from pairing these beauties with Swarovski crystals. The pearly glow and the crystal sparkles seemed to blend nicely and created an overall look of simplicity and elegance with drops of glitters.

Click here to see the set in full.

19 February 2009

Fresh Start


One of my 2009 resolutions is to re-activate this blog that has actually been here awhile thanks to my dear friend Niken who gave me the idea of blogging sometime ago. She has created her own blog at http://www.rumahniken.blogspot.com/ prior to making a similar one for me. She also has two other blogs dedicated to polymer clay and interior designs and both sites are directly linked from the rumahniken blog. Feel free to visit her blogs but I should let you know first that they're written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

Having completed re-designing this blog, I'm pretty happy to be finally able to write something. So here it is.

This short necklace is named Dara's Heart and currently displayed in Beading Daily's Reader Gallery for Heart-Felt Designs theme. The story behind the making of this necklace is what I'd like to share with you. It was last year when my daughter Dara asked me for beads to work with. I immediately gave her one of my favorite lampwork glass beads: a big fluffy heart-shaped focal made by a German artist Andrea Venschott. It has bluish color with hints of white, yellow and green. The color combination is lovely but at that time I decided to stop working with this gorgeous focal bead because I couldn't find matching colors of Swarovski crystals to justify its beauty. Soon after my daughter hold the bead, she quickly chose the complimentary colors of the crystals in various bead sizes and shapes. The result was beyond my expectation! The glitters of light pink and yellow paired with the opaque looks of green mint and chalk white blended nicely with the colors of the focal. Moreover, the variety of sizes and shapes of the crystals gave a dynamic look to the design. I simply couldn't believe myself that my 7-year-old girl created this color mix as she'd never showed her interest in making jewelry pieces. Since then I've occasionally asked her opinion when working on new jewelry designs. Who knows she will come up with a better idea than mine.