27 March 2009

The Goldie Look

Goldie theme seems to be everyone's favorite! It has a simple appearance with just enough portion of glamour and bling.

Originally I wanted to highlight the 24K gold-foiled Italian (Murano) glass beads in a lighter design without using many crystals (as I normally do in most of my work) and the bad part was that I didn't really know how to achieve it. It was after a few back-and-forth browsing of jewelry related books, the idea finally popped in my head. The result was the first Goldie necklace in which the Italian beads were paired with deep blue and bright red Swarovski crystals on bright gold-colored wires.

Early this year I had a custom order for Goldie necklace and earrings set and I simplified the necklace design by reducing the number of crystals. I also opted bright blue and green for the colors of the crystals. The resulting piece filled my expectation well. It still retained the substantial presence of gold shine and crystal sparkle.

And recently I completed another request for Goldie necklace. The design was based on Goldie 2 and the colors followed Goldie 1. In other words, Goldie 3 was a combination of two earlier designs.

Having made three similar necklaces, I don't think I'll get tired of making more of this Goldie line. It's fun to make and surely a beautiful piece.

23 March 2009

Fairy Rose

Naming a piece of work is not an easy task and it proves right for me. There are times I can create appropriate names with ease; other times I can go completely dumb!

This time I can't find any better name than Fairy Rose bracelet. Looking at the pastel colors of the artisan lampwork focal, they are a mix of pink, peach, white and green with a hint of yellow reminding me of colors in fairy movies, princess stories or even girly princess dresses. A name that relates to one of these features would be fine I thought and right after I completed the bracelet, I knew what to name it.

It's officially spring time in here and this bracelet is one of the designs I've made recently to welcome the warmer season. It has feminine look with the scuptural rose that really pops against the soft-colored background and the flirtly dangles that move joyfully on one's wrist. Simply beautiful!

17 March 2009

Pure Bliss

What a joy to be able to hold and marvel at fine beautiful freshwater pearls!

I was very pleased when my pearl order from one of Asian countries arrived. The pearls were roundish (potato shape) in creamy white color and all had smooth surface (no pits, no bumpy spots, no scratch), uniform size and thick nacre. Simply perfect! And this Pure Bliss set was the result from pairing these beauties with Swarovski crystals. The pearly glow and the crystal sparkles seemed to blend nicely and created an overall look of simplicity and elegance with drops of glitters.

Click here to see the set in full.