20 May 2009

Floral Beauty

I love the colors in these lampwork lentils: white, pinkish peach, purple and green. The flower motif is simple but the color combination is fresh and inspiring making it perfect color sample for Spring!

I just realized that I’ve collected more lampwork beads with floral pattern than ever before. They’re all interesting and I think they deserve to get some attention. That’s why I made a simple design for this earring pair just to make sure all eyes focus on the white floral lentils.

Click here to see another earring design highlighting the beauty of floral lampwork beads.

16 May 2009

Beads Perles Interview

About a month ago I was approached by Beads Perles for interview and here's the result.

Beads Perles is a Spanish language blog that features artists who devote themselves to creating jewelry and I'm pleased for the opportunity to be featured in it.

15 May 2009

Spring Mood

I’m in the mood to make earrings and this time I’ve created a few with polymer clay beads.

A while ago I bought several polymer clay bead sets from various artists and for these projects, I used deep purple rounds from Sherri Kellberg and colorful lentils made by Carola. Both have flower pattern, spring-theme colors and are unique in their own right. But wait! There’s more. Sherri told me that the beads have dichroic accents that make them look spakling like a rainbow. Can you see it?

Oh yes, it’s not the first time for me to use polymer clay beads in my designs and I think I should use them more often. The reasons? They have similar features like lampwork beads: variety of designs, shapes, colors and sizes. They can also be made glossy/shiny to resemble glass beads. But most importantly to note is that they’re lightweight. Having them many – say more than three - in a bracelet or necklace won’t hurt the arm or neck of the person who wears it. That sounds good to me, so why not trying to make more designs with them?

07 May 2009


Look at the colorful bicone dangles in the middle part of this necklace. When they’re strung like that, aren’t they like a barrel?

This necklace is simple in design. It’s only made up with Swarovski crystals, Bali silver findings and sterling silver chains. It rests nicely around the neck when worn shorter or longer. It also goes well from formal business suits to plain dresses to casual polo shirts with denim skirt or pants. But actually it’s more than a simple design. It’s a piece of conversation starter. Read on.

Besides the barrel shape I noticed by accident, this necklace has all the essential elements that would draw attention. Firstly and foremost is of course the sparkles of Swarovski crystals that won’t be missed from anyone’s sight. Secondly, their shapes and sizes are big enough to get noticed. Thirdly, the constrasting colors between the clear moonlight flat rounds and the colorful bicone dangles are so evident. These Swarovski features alone would be interesting topics to start a conversation. And to keep the conversation going, I linked the crystal strand with oval-like sterling silver chains and completed one end of the chains with a sterling silver balloon clasp and the other end a group of colorful dangles. With these little details added, this necklace (and the person who wears it) would earn even more compliments.

See also this necklace from different angle in here.