22 June 2009

I Go Light

In one of my earlier posts I wrote that I’d use more polymer clay beads in my work and here’s one!

Look at this super cool colorful floral round! Isn’t it adorable? I love everything that appears from this awesome polymer clay bead. I love the cute flower patterns, the fabulous mix of colors, the bicolor bumpy spots around the edge and the smooth shiny finish. The quality of work is amazing and what’s more is that it brings smile and happy feeling whenever I see it.

Once in a while I’d like to branch out from my usual style and this time I'd go light with my designs. So that’s what I did with this bead. I made it as a pendant that has a flirty chain tail with colorful drops of Swarovski crystals and a Bali silver flower dangle at the bottom. The pendant is hung on a black-colored cord with adjustable clasp. I couldn’t feel more than pleased to see the result. Yes, it’s a pretty simple style and it would be a perfect adornment when worn with casual clothing. Believe me!

I’ve made another similar cord necklace featuring a lampwork glass focal by UK-based artist Jeanette Fletcher. You can see it in here.

16 June 2009

Publication: Stringing, Summer 2009

It’s official now!

This Let’s Play Rugby set is published in the summer 2009 issue of Stringing which hits newsstands today. It’s the third time for me to have my projects published in print and the first in an American magazine. The other two projects appeared in a British magazine Bead.

The set features the fabulous glass work of German artist Ute Neumann. To me the lampwork beads mimic the shape of rugby balls and the colors are bright and bold making them perfect for summer. I genuinenly love them!

14 June 2009

Blue Sparkles

This aqua blue necklace is stunning! It's made of several different colors, types and sizes of Swarovski crystals.

This piece is simple, light and sophisticated, and sparkling too. It goes nicely with dresses, blouses or even a shirt and blue jeans. It can also be worn short or long as it has additional chain for adjustable sizing. I personally love the look of this necklace and the idea of flexible wear. And I’m sure the person with this beauty around her neck would feel like a star of the moment.

Go to my Flickr page to see the necklace from higher side.

07 June 2009

Wavy Petals

Do you see the biggest glass disc on this necklace pendant? It’s metallic blue and I really like it. The color changes in different lights from dark blue to violet to coppery gold. Awesome!

So badly I wanted to feature the metallic sheen in my jewelry, I decided to make a pendant comprising several wavy discs in different colors including metallic ones. There are metallic blue, transparent red and opaque green as shown in this photo. The other side of the pendant have metallic brown that looks a bit pinkish, transparent red and opaque pink and they all can be seen in here.