30 April 2010

German Lampwork Beads 2

I’m a fan of lampwok glass beads. When I don’t do anything with my kids or work on jewelry projects, I take my time to marvel at the work of lampwork bead artists. Their skills and creativity to produce something wonderful and interesting in small-sized forms and assorted shapes and colors often makes me wonder: how do they make them? How does, for example, Michou Pascale Anderson combine many colors that turn out to be so irresistibly cool? I personally admire her color style. Bold, bright, eye catching. Not only is she good with colors, she also makes beads with different motifs from birds to water creatures to flowers and many more. Another example of my curious thought: how long does Silke Buechler spend to finish one bead with such a beautiful color combo and lots of fine details? I can’t help but say ‘wow’ to myself everytime I look at her exquisite work in her website’s gallery page. She sure has her own style to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

In my previous blog entry I wrote that artisan beads bear their own uniqueness. Michou and Silke’s beads prove to be like that. Unique. For me it’s become a love-and-love connection to keep checking back their work.

Click the artist’s name and you’ll be directed to their website.

17 April 2010

Changeable Earrings

Try this: changeable earrings. One earring findings for more than one earring dangle. Does it sound interesting?

This is not a new idea but it’s a smart way to wear earrings. I’m pretty happy to have found the leverback sterling silver ear wires that are specially designed for changeable dangles. Simply slide a dangle onto a piece of ear wire and clip its leverback (a closure attached to a curve ear wire) to secure. Quick and easy!

In general, flower motif beads appeal to anyone especially those who just begin to appreciate lampwork glass beads. Thus I’ve made several dangles featuring many kinds of flowers created by various lampwork bead artists. Since I intended them for everyday wear, their designs are pretty basic as shown in the next photo. Sure it’s always possible to make dangles with more delicate and more elaborate designs for the changeable earring style.

And here’s another thing. Changeable earrings are great as a gift. I usually put one set of ear wires and two dangle pairs in a beautifully-presented box for any occasion from birthday to friendship to farewell (and any other dear moments). Who wouldn’t be pleased to receive two pairs of lovely dangles in a single package?

12 April 2010

Everyday Wear Earrings

Start your day with a bit of sweetness in your ears!

Wear a simple pair of artisan work earrings and find out what other people would say when they talk to you and inevitably take a glimpse at your ears. The chances are (a) they’ll find your earrings interesting and get curious of what they are; once they ask questions about the materials of the earrings, you’d probably be excited to give them the answers and possibly end up in a friendly chat about many other topics (I can tell you this because I get into this kind of situation many times even with total strangers!); or (b) they don’t give much thought on how you look or what you wear; in this case, you just stay cool and feel confident that you look fabulous with the earrings you have in your ears.

Seriously, artisan beads bear their own uniqueness. Each artist has his/her own artistic taste and skills, and the beads that come from the artist’s hands represent his/her style. Thus, no two beads are exactly the same. The one-of-a-kind quality of the beads that gracefully hang in your ears add charms to your look.

These earrings are made for everyday wear. They’re pretty basic and light. I’ve also made a few more simple designs with flower lampwork beads, metalic lampwork beads and freshwater pearls. Check them out in my Flickr gallery!