31 August 2010

Fall Party

Again… I have another project published in Stringing magazine, issue Fall 2010.

These earrings appear on one of the mag’s earrings gallery pages and I think the design is pretty straightfoward to reflect the characteristics of fall. The colors bear earthy warm tones in copper/brown, orange and yellow (not really shown in the photo) with a little drop of pink. The leaves are the ultimate sign of what normally happens in this season: leaves turn orange/red/yellow/brown and start to fall from trees.

Initially, the earrings were intended to be worn together with this necklace. Only because I didn’t have flower charms or beads that might go well with the flower-motif lampwork beads, I used leaf charms as my last resort. This minor discrepancy was I thought acceptable because leaves and flowers shared the same theme: plants. So when both earrings and necklace were worn, they would still look in harmony.

By the way, if you take a closer look at the necklace, it actually has a rich color combo. Gold, bronze, orange, yellow, copper, red, brown and pink. Perfect for a party in fall!

29 August 2010

Pink Laguna

For some people, inspirations can come from unexpected places or objects. Mine is from a photo frame.

Two weeks ago I was thinking of new ideas for this big floral focal bead and always got stuck with my search for right colors of the crystals to match. The next thing I knew I should discard the color schemes. The necklace was made for a lady in late 40s and I didn’t expect to see color combinations that fit more for little girls and teenagers (for example, some colors used in this set). Just when I was about to give up my attempt for that day, the photo frame idea came to mind. Decorated frames I'd seen in crafts books or gift shops. Imagine this: a picture in a black-colored wooden frame with a few little beads randomly glued on its sides; or a cushioned frame with stiched beads around it. The beads don't have to come in similar colors to those in the picture. They're there for the frame. So here’s my interpretation with this frame idea.

A beautiful pink lampwork focal on dark-oxidized sterling silver chains accented with Swarovski crystals and a Bali silver toggle. The focal’s colors pop. The darker shades of the crystals represent grace and dignity. The firefly toggle adds a dash of cuteness. One of a kind.

08 August 2010

Luxe Feelings

It’s always a pleasure to work with beautiful materials.

I’ve recently made some new designs with lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals and sterling silver, and this time I’ve felt a tremendous thrill to see the results. They’re full of blings and glams giving such luxe feelings to the wearers.

Many times people come to me and say that it’s sometimes difficult to find the right clothes to go with jewelry pieces I make. Well, the simplest and best thing to do is to choose soft plain fabric in a single color. To start with, try blouses, shirts or dresses in black and white as they’d be great with any colors. Or pick one color that’s similar to the colors of the jewelry for another option. Try also clothes in one color hue like blue, brown, purple, green, etc, that would coordinate nicely with the overall color combination of the jewelry. These are a few easy ways that I’ve tried for myself and worked wonderfully when it comes to choosing what to wear (clothes and jewelry); so I think they might work magic with you, too. Feel free to try!

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