19 October 2010

Autumnal Flavour

These pieces were made to cherish the current season. Copper and topaz colors are the highlights.

14 October 2010

Collector's Style 2

More of collector’s style designs.

The bracelet below is made of Ring Bead (5139), Galactic Bead (5556) and Bicone Bead (both 5301 and 5328).

This bracelet consists of Wing Bead (5590), Round Bead (5000) and Bicone Bead (5301 and 5328).

There’s always a concern about my work being copied. Swarovski products (beads and findings) are now sold everywhere around the globe and it’s easy for people to buy the same materials and duplicate my designs without my knowledge. However, I doubt exact duplications are possible since I have my own recipe to mix and match many different sizes, colors and types of Swarovski products and give them details with metal elements (and other jewelry-related items). I strive to create disctinctive pieces that depict my style and leave no room for reproductions by people other than me.