30 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

We’re reaching toward the end of the year. Time flies quickly! I remember last year around the same time I was busy with moving process from an old appartment to a new one. Now I’ve been spending relaxing days with my husband and kids since they’ve started their holiday. Get up late, do something that we don’t usually do in normal days, no morning rush, no appointments, have peaceful minds… It feels wonderful to have a short break like this, away from hectic daily routines, even only for two weeks.

One of my have-to-do plans during this holiday is to update my Flickr gallery and I’m glad I did it last night. Most of the photos have already appeared in this blog but I added a few pictures of recently completed designs for eye candy. Go and have a look!

To wrap up my blog entry in 2010, I would like to wish you all happy holidays and a better year of 2011.

21 December 2010

Cheer Up!

It all began with a shortage of materials. I didn’t have enough chains and interesting clasps but that shouldn’t stop me from completing a project. So I connected two types of chains and ended them with a round basic clasp. To make the end parts more interesting to look at, I added owl and heart charms.

Next, I didn’t have charms that might go nicely with the cupcake pendant. No worries! Crystal dangles would do a great job to liven up the back parts of the necklace.

What if I attached colorful crystal dangles on the front side of the necklace? They shone just enough to accentuate the big flower focal.

And what if I used different crystal shapes in colors I picked from the heart’s color combination? To me, they looked perfect.

The rest was a fun exploration of mixing and matching colors and materials. I combined two kinds of chains, scattered small colorful crystals mimicking the colors of the pendant and embellished them with Bali silver findings.

Visually light, whimsical, colorful… I’ve been making many necklaces with this kind of design. Perhaps it has something to do with the current season. We still have several months to go through snowy winter and haven’t experienced the coldest days yet. We need colors to brighten up the days and I believe the necklaces would make a sweet smile on anyone’s face.

04 December 2010

Inspirational Colors

Winter is here! Snow has poured for the past few days and everything on the ground looks mostly white with murky grey sky on the above. Not sure when I’m going to see sunshine or feel the warmth of it. I’m more of spring/summer type of person and to see gloomy spiritless scenery like this everyday, I’m beginning to look for colors. Bright, cheerful colors like this:

or this:

or this:

Last Saturday, 27 November 2010, the Munich-based Indonesian-German cultural organization Swadaya Indonesia Muenchen held an Indonesian Cultural Night (Indonesischer Kulturabend) presenting the theme of Indonesia: the Beautiful Unknown. Regrettably I couldn’t make to come to the show but the photos that are posted in here already make up for my absence. I entertain myself with the vibrant colors of diverse dance costumes. They’re so happy, lively, giving me unexpectedly some inspirations for my next jewelry projects.

All photos are by courtesy of Moriz.

No jewelry pictures this time.