31 January 2011

If Only...

I believe every design has a purpose. Why this bracelet has a triple string of small pearls? Why that necklace uses many big beads? Why this pair of earrings are made long and in bright colors? Why this and that and so on. Only the designer of that piece has the answers.

Similarly, I knew what I wanted to achieve with this long necklace. I wanted the floral motif lampwork beads to be the focus of attention. They’re full of multi pastel-colored petals and some with a cute lady bug too – something not to be missed! To keep the attention stay in place, I intutively knew I should make the design clean and without many embellishments. So I used dark oxidized sterling silver chains and Swarovski crystals to create a contrast between black and white. VoilĂ , the contrast made the soft colors of the flower beads pop! A few accents of Bali silver spacers, bead cap and toggle completed the look. Now, who would miss to spot any look-at-me details on this necklace?

If only my winter had all these colorful flowers… I can only wish.