22 February 2011

Lost and Broken

That’s right. I’ve lost one piece of my earrings – possibly it was dropped when I was running errands. Then I’ve found one glass disc of my necklace broken when I was about to store it. The necklace is one of my projects published in a US special issue magazine Creative Jewelry 2010.

One of the must-have features I seek from lampwork beads is colors. Rare (no longer produced) color types, odd color combinations, colors that make beads precious. When no one seems to be interested in that kind of colors, I might be the one who would feel the opposite. I think it’s great if I can make jewelry with special beads because this would make the wearer feel special, too; feel different (in a positive way) from the crowd. Even if I don’t turn them into jewelry, it would be still good as I have one-of-a-kind beads that not many people may have.

The earring’s floral round bead has luscious, creamy, caramel-like orange base. I don’t know the name of this color and I don’t know if it resulted from a mixture of two glass colors or came from a single color glass rod. To me, the color base is not ordinary and is rarely found on the market. Or maybe I miss to spot it when it’s available? Anyway, when I purchased the beads, I decided they weren’t for share. I turned them into earrings for myself.

The colors of the lampwork discs are interestingly unusual. The combination doesn’t follow general guide on color mixes and is not my favorite palettes either, and yet I bought the whole set of the discs simply because I was sort of challenged to make their colors noticeable. I knew I could get the most pleasing arrangement of colors for eyes to see by putting each disc on the right place, and I proved it right. The discs made their way to Creative Jewelry 2010 as a Funky Wonky Necklace.

With one bead gone and one broken, I still don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of existing beads.