27 April 2011

Failed Experiment

Do you believe that one's mood affects her/her work? I do!

This necklace was made when I (1) wanted to use leather for a change in my jewelry work; (2) didn't stock end crimps that fit the size of the leather; and (3) wanted to use leftover sterling silver chain accidently found in my stash. Having one big beautiful polymer clay focal, assorted crystals and silver findings ready on my table, I was thinking to make a fun, casual necklace. Here is the result: a failed experiment!

At first, I defended myself the necklace was wonderful. The design was similar to my two other designs Joy and Lemonia Drop with a little variation in the closure. I knotted the leather ends to attach the lobster clasp and its ring. But I had a funny feeling. Something wasn't really right to complement the focal. The more I stared at it, the more I felt bothered. While I found the pendant (focal and its chain dangle) was perfect, the knotted leathers half ruined the overall look of the design. They appeared to be a bit bulky and gave an impression of sloppy finish. Maybe next time I would use the knotting system when my mood sets for tribal adventure or metal power or leather trends or something else when knots are good way to show all the elements in a piece. So I reworked the design and...

it turned out to be completely different! The necklace looked more fun and stylish. Much better than the first. This is what I think the importance of being brave to accept failures and explore other design possibilities to achieve the most desirable result.