31 July 2011

German Lampwork Beads 3

Ever wonder a baby face in a flower-formed bead? I definitely never imagine one! Sometimes I feel I've seen so often flower beads that share common similarities: flat or raised flower details, or sculpted petals with dotty stamens; and I need to see a change. When I browsed Dora Schubert's website by chance, I didn't prepare myself for an unexpected find: sculptural baby flower beads! A chubby baby face sorrounded with sculpted petals. The idea is clever and original. Each bead is big enough to be worn singly as a pendant. It's clearly a head-turning piece.

Dora's creations are distinctive. She makes details on clean-colored backgrounds meticulously. She does the same with colorful motifs and backgrounds. She has her signatures in making sculptural and non-sculptural beads. When I stop by at her Flickr site, I'm sometimes speechless to describe her extraordinary works.

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