28 August 2011

Metalicious Bling!

I've carried some ideas to work with metal findings and here's one of the results from my experiment with versatile jumprings. If normally I use sterling silver, this time I chose several different kinds of open and closed rings from TierraCast. The quality of these premium alternatives is impressive. Sturdy, excellent workmanship and wonderfully designed in several finishes. I just love the products and already have some extra staples in my jewelry material box.

There are lots of style elements found in this bracelet. I joined hammered rings with rope and double ropes open jumprings, and attached them to a hammered toggle with plain ones. I used black and rhodium finishes in two different hues. I also used big, medium and small sizes for the rings. My goal was to make a chain-look bracelet with flair. I've seen people wearing a big silver chain bracelet but never an assembled rings one. When the bracelet was completed in the first phase, I took time to examine the design. Stylish, eye-catching and maybe it would be fine for men, too. Wow, making a unisex bracelet wasn't on my what-to-create list but I did it! So excited with the outcome, later I asked myself what if it was added with crystals? So I gave some Swarovski blings in, once again, two different types, i.e. lucerna and chessboard, without diminishing the presence of the metals. The final piece looked more lively which I really liked. It fit the bill of glamour, fun and flirty side.

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