28 September 2011

Paisley Glam

Finally... after waiting for almost a year, I have my Paisley Glam necklace published in Creative Jewelry 2011, a special issue of Beadwork magazine.

As shown in many of my designs, I love using crystals and pearls to create elegant designs. This piece is no exception. I opted Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls to feature a huge paisley printed Swarovski pendant and sprinkled them with Bali silver. When I made it last year, winter feel was approaching and the excitement for christmas and new year's eve was beginning to fill the air; so my mood was flowing with the buzz of these two events. Something elegant, glamorous, alluring. A show stopper.

Even when the December festivities are over, the necklace still adds certain quality to the appearance of its wearer in other formal or semi formal occassions (just don't forget to match it with appropriate dressing codes).

13 September 2011

Ring A Ring...

o' copper,
a pocket full of earrings...

I happened to have a lot of copper rings and connectors in slightly different copper color tones: bright reddish brown and dark antique one. As brown is usually associated with fall season which is coming near, all I could think of was to mix them up for pairs of earrings.