30 November 2011

Enchanted Pearl

Something showy, glamorous, extravagant... Something to wear for parties and special events... These descriptions are some of common features of winter jewelry. My choice for the festive cold season is on the contrary. It's a not-too-flashy necklace piece that's perfect for night fun time AND daytime office work.

I remember myself when working in a law firm years ago. I stepped into the office in business suit and with high heels. The accompaniment jewelry I wore was usually a pair of basic earrings. If I wanted to play a little bit of dressing up, I wore a simple choker-length necklace, too. That was all. My jewelry shouldn't be overwhelming my outfit as the purpose of dressing up was to maintain sophisticated look and at the same time assure self-confidence. That's the idea behind the Enchanted Pearl necklace. It's designed to perfectly pair with business suits when worn with the clasp on the back of the neck. But I made it more flexible. When it's worn with the clasp at the front showing the all glitters of Swarovski crystals, it's ready to liven up another look with party dress. Clever idea, don't you think?

Complete details on how to make the Enchanted Pearl necklace is available in Bead – Winter Sparkle Special 2011, Issue 34.